Vertigo – 2001 A Space Odyssey 70mm Double Bill



Went to see a couple of classic films yesterday in glorious 70mm at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto

First off was an afternoon showing of Vertigo. From the closing credits I gathered this was a Vistavision to 65mm transfer with a restoration done in 1996 for 70mm showings (credits went a bit fast so I hope I got that info right).
Although it was a lovely print it did a have a few lines and flaws and for some reason there were sound dropouts at reel changes. The thing that most impressed me here was how incredible Bernard Hermann’s score sounded. In comparison, the last film I saw in the theatre was Django Unchained with the most horrible digital projection I have yet witnessed. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen great digital projections but it just goes to show it also needs to be done right.

Left the venue with a smile on my face.

Time for a quick snack, want to get an ideal seat for 2001: A Space Odyssey.
The announcer tells us it will be shown in its original roadshow presentation with a 10 minute intermission. Lights dim, curtains are bathed in gaudy red light as the overture music plays. Curtains are drawn to that wonderful MGM logo on blue background.
Ok, I admit, I was looking for any kind of flaws in the print. After (barely) noticing a few light lines in lighter scenes I became so enthralled in this gorgeous print I can honestly I forgot about looking.
I like many of us, was introduced to this movie on VHS video and then later DVD but I now felt like I’ve seen it for the first time. I can see how the “stargate” sequence ended being a great topic of discussion (and other things) back in 68.


So, I’ll just repeat what we all always say….long live film.

For interest sake here is a link to a PDF of the TIFF’s cinema/projection specifications.

And a link to a real review from Now Magazine in Toronto