The Raven

It’s almost that time of year and what better way to celebrate than watching horror on film!

So join me now for a little bit of 8mm terror as I countdown the days to All Hallows’ Eve!

Tonight’s Presentation

The Raven 1963

Super 8 / 200′ Color sound /  Ken Films

Horror in the best tradition of Edgar Allan Poe. Torture, murder and mystery combined in a masterpiece of fright. Lofty goals in this description! This digest basically features the wizards duel while seated! Old Boris was getting on in years at this point but us horror fans love him no matter what – that goes for Vincent Price too so all is forgiven. Ken films annoying narrator tries to make sense of it all. Judging from the print wear I’d say the previous owner loved to screen this film. (Just wish they’d spent more time cleaning the gate)

A For Mr. Karloff and Mister Price. C For the digest itself.

No Peter Lorre to be found in this digest
No Peter Lorre to be found in this digest