It’s almost that time of year and what better way to celebrate than watching horror on film!

So join me now for a little bit of 8mm terror as I countdown the days to All Hallows’ Eve!

Tonight’s Presentation

Tarantula 1955

Super 8 / 200′ BW Sound /  Universal 8

Ahh those crazy mad scientists. Our story starts as the deformed victim of said mad scientist returns to exact vengeance. Glass is smashed, growth serum injected Tarantula escapes into the desert. A truck is tossed into the air and destroyed and strange sounds are heard in the desert. It’s not long before our hero (John Agar) is on the phone to the authorities. Our Tarantula has grown into monstrous proportions and now is the time to deal with it. Carefully planted TNT barely  slows the beastie down so napalm dropping, jet fighter, Clint Eastwood is called into action to burn the hapless spider into ashes!

WOW! All time great 50’s monster film is given a star treatment in this digest. Originally put out by Castle Films, I have the U8 box but the film is the same. Nice sharp print with good contrast makes this a must have monster movie on super 8.

an A+ U8 For cramming in lots of monster and the steely eyes of Clint Eastwood.