Return Of Dracula

It’s almost that time of year and what better way to celebrate than watching horror on film!

So join me now for a little bit of 8mm terror as I countdown the days to All Hallows’ Eve!

Tonight’s Presentation!


The Return Of Dracula 1958 (also known as The Curse Of Dracula)

Standard 8mm / 200′ BW silent edition.

The stone faced Francis Lederer plays our favourite vampire in this fifties shocker. This digest focuses on the counts hypnotic control over Jenni and her eventual destruction along with the count by the townspeople.

A fun digest that retains creepy moments from the film. What it may lack in action is made up by some of the most “overzealous”  subtitles in digest history:


Yeesh! pretty harsh for this hapless victim.

C+ rating for this digest (A for the subtitles)


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  1. Brad - November 14, 2019 at 8:45 pm

    It’s so helpful when someone like yourself, Terry, reviews digests that for folks like me had missed the opportunity to acquire them when we were “tweens” and teens.

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