Equipment, Film Stock, Supplies

Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

Toronto, ON
Artist-run charitable organization dedicated to facilitating excellence in the moving image through media arts education and production resources.
(Sells Regular 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film, rents film and video equipment, and offers filmmaking workshops)
Twitter: @LIFTfilm

Film Stock, Processing

Niagara Custom Lab

Toronto, ON
The film lab for artists
Nia­gara Cus­tom Lab is a full ser­vice motion pic­ture film lab­o­ra­tory, one of the last of a rare breed that focuses on pro­vid­ing the most com­plete and diverse post-production ser­vices avail­able for cel­lu­loid.
182A St. Helens Ave.  M6H 4A1

Transfers, Cinematography

Frame Discreet

Frame by frame razor sharp scanning, advanced color correction, and a cinematographer’s eye are at the heart of what makes our film scans stand apart.
136 Geary Ave. suite 218, Toronto ON, M6H 4H1

Transfers / Film Rescue

Film Rescue International

Film Rescue International focuses almost exclusively on offering the very most difficult imaging services to find. This primarily is the processing of old and expired film.
P.O. box 428
Indian Head, SK
S0G 2K0
Web: Film Rescue International