I Was A Teenage Frankenstein

It’s almost that time of year and what better way to celebrate than watching horror on film!

So join me now for a little bit of 8mm terror as I countdown the days to All Hallows’ Eve!

Tonight’s Presentation!

I Was A Teenage Frankenstein 1957


Standard 8mm / 200′ BW silent edition. / Ken Films

American International Pictures, fifties teenagers and Whit Bissell. Nuff said.

Our crazy scientists get all excited when the newspapers announce the death of a bunch of teens. Professor Frankenstein jumps at the chance to reassemble one with a horrible case of something worse than acne. Gary Conway is the muscular creation – but that face! Our monster hero takes a walk and kills an unlucky co-ed. Bissell decides he must fix his face in order to control him….and then…..destroy him! But teenage Frankie will have none of it and electrocutes himself instead!

B+  for the Frankenstein monster mask alone!