Home Movie Day 2014 Event Report

The first Home Movie Day in Whitby was our small but successful inaugural event. We had a few participants with a wide range of film styles from the documenting of a day in the life of a rural family to a young auteurs crime drama to some beautifully shot Kodachrome 40 “found film” featuring Hula dancers in Hawaii and historic views of Toronto.

Photo courtesy of John Porter

City: Whitby, Ontario CANADA

Event Venue: Whitby Public Library

Event time (screening): 3pm

Event time (inspection): 2pm

Total Audience: 10

Number of people bringing films: 4

# Films screened by Gauge: (almost 30 reels to choose from!)

  •  8mm: 1
  • Super 8: 6
  • 16mm: NA
  • 9.5mm: NA


Terry Lagler (host, inspection, projectionist)
Shawna Eagles (administration, reception)
Deborah Manning (administration, reception)
Nicholas Tabiz (videographer)

Special Thanks

Patricia Yackison (Reference Assistant, Whitby Public Library)
John Porter super8porter.ca (photographer)
Snapd Whitby was there to take photos of the event

Notes: Screenings

  •  Lori Little brought in 5 400’ reels of 8mm family films found by her brother in a farmhouse outside of Sarnia.
    Viewed one involving the setting up of a mobile home with a new foundation. Circa late 50’s. Also a family Christmas and a gathering of some well-dressed ladies for some kind of social.
    These were probably relatives or friends of the family at some point.
    A good example of everyday life captured on home movie film.
  • Michael Khashmanian had 14 reels of film to choose from! He shared his work as an auteur in “Murder Most Foul” featuring his 4 brothers and other family members in a violent and funny crime drama! His work also featured a stop motion animated Spock doll and comedy involving an “ape man”.
  • John Porter stopped by with 7 reels of “found” film. The kind of stuff you find at yard sales and such. Great footage including “Kodak Hula Dance” with its beautiful Kodachrome colors. Also great footage circa early 70’s showing the Toronto skyline with super footage of Ontario Place and the Canadian National Exhibition.
  • Continuing with the Toronto theme. Terry Lagler brought a reel from 1986 shot by a fellow student at Humber College. Nice views of now vintage streetcars travelling the downtown core.