6th Annual Backyard Super 8 Theater {2014}

dusk_tWell another event has come and gone and a fun time was had by all.
The weather forecast was grim all day with a chance of rain and thunder showers sitting at 70%. Thought I might have to call it, but heck, the show must go on and I was prepared for a quick shutdown.

A few people who had to travel decided not to chance it so our turnout this year was about 30 people. Dusk hit and the film gods smiled as the sky cleared and the evening stayed pleasant. (After midnight we did get hit with nasty thunder and lightning)

Got a kick out of the kids who come up to the projector and tried to wrap their heads around how it all works! Chaplin got huge laughs (along with Godzilla) and more than one person commented, “I need to see that film” after the “That Darn Cat” trailer.

I was hoping to document it better but again the day got so busy.


Watch The Show Excerpts Video.

Backyard Theater 2014

This was the program:

16 mm

Drive In Snipes
Sinbad and the Eye Of The Tiger
That Darn Cat
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Gumby in “The Glob”

Super 8 Reel 1

Charlie Chaplin in The Rink (Blackhawk 1X400)
Road Runner (2 excerpts)
Mickey’s Trailer (Disney 1X200)
Road Runner (2 excerpts)
Destroy All Monsters (Ken 1X200)

Super 8 Reel 2 (Late Show)

The Empire Strikes Back (2X400)